Versatile Solutions

We create apps. We craft web presences. We help you deliver your software offerings. As a globally distributed team of different specialists, we tackle the peskiest challenges.

All to reach our ultimate goal: more productivity through our solutions.


Our developers speak Java, Go, Rust, PHP, JavaScript and some more.​


Where tooling becomes fooling, we support with matching approaches and methodologies.


Larger, individual software on demand gets implemented only through domain-driven development.


Our ops sing container and Kubernetes, know Linux and other operating systems in and out.


It’s ok to outsource your development requirements without letting others know. We act like phantom writers, but for software.


Our developers join through ClosureOne, whereas our research analysts use the by-doing alias.

Feel Like at Home. Become productive.

We work from home. We use our tools. So can you.

Solutions for Productivity

Why should people become more productive? From the individual point, it might seem obvious: to deliver more with less. This aligns with business objectives (higher ROI etc).

But is that all? We consider the subjective part of productivity: Less wasted lifetime – more lifetime quality.

The Run-Everywhere Revolution

Times have never been better: With an idea and skilled people, software can be implemented and rolled out quickly without demanding you to invest in large datacenters. Technologies like PWAs, cross-compilers and alike allow for distributing mobile apps easily to the major app stores.

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